Best value for money

Our devices are created with the use of high quality materials, we have no production costs and no costs for the promotion and advertising of the brand, so all our devices are of high quality and low cost

Full quality control of all products

Each device produced by us passes thorough quality control and a lot of tests, as a result of which at the stage of production all potential malfunctions that can occur during operation are excluded

Only advanced production technologies

For production of devices we use the most modern equipment on which qualified professionals work, and we carry out quality control of production in the modern test laboratory equipped with the latest technology

Unique and inimitable design

Each device in our line has its own unique design and a large selection of colors. We try to do so that everyone can choose the model in accordance with their wishes and tastes, not forgetting the regular updating of the line

New product

JOY'S S1 (Black)
The cheapest phone
with monochrome display
and more time
works of
JOY'S S3 (Black & light blue)
Stylish, modern phone
with innovative design,
powerful flashlight
and color display
JOY'S S8 (Blue)
Phone with currency detector,
large color display
and unusual design
rear cover
JOY'S S11 (Black)
Phone in a compact package,
with a bigger battery,
SOS button and large
color display 2.4"


Hit sales

Phone overview JOY`S S3

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S1 - a phone with a monochrome display of 1.44" and a 600 mAh battery will Suit those who need autonomy and reliable communication anywhere. The most budget phone line Joy's

S3 - stylish mobile phone with 1.77" color display and powerful flashlight for young active people and older generation. Three color solutions and high-quality materials of the case. Ask for the phone in the salons of our partners.
S8 - multifunctional mobile phone with currency detector and stylized battery cover. The device is equipped with a large bright screen 2.4", 800 mAh battery, supports simultaneous operation of two SIM-cards.
S11 is an image mobile phone with rich functionality, equipped with a 1700 mAh battery, a large 2.4" display, a bright flashlight, a powerful speaker and support for simultaneous operation of two SIM cards.